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Cork Curtain Fabrics by Hannah Lordan Interir Designer

Aside from working as an Interior Designer I also run Cork Curtain Fabrics. I have a full team of skilled curtain makers and fitters.

Cork Curtain Fabrics offers a wide range of tailor made bespoke products ranging from Curtains to blinds and cushions to bed linen. Whatever fabric you choose we can make up anything to suit your requirements .I carry a large range of curtain fabrics to suit all styles and budgets.

Cork Curtain Fabrics specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke soft furnishings for Commercial and residential customers, including Roman Blinds, Curtains, Swags and Tails, Valances, Pelmets, Flame Retardant Curtains, Curtain Fabric and Drapery Fabric, all tailored to suit individual needs.

 A Guide to Curtains and Window Treatments

Set aside style considerations for a moment; function comes first and will limit your curtain choices, in a good way. If you want curtains that provide privacy or total darkness, you need lined curtains. If you’re OK with light filtering through or if your curtains are simply decorative, unlined will work. Lining is more expensive but has other advantages: It can shield fabric from sun damage, making curtains last longer. A lining also adds bulk, which protects against drafts and helps fabric fall more luxuriously. For maximum durability, light blockage, body, and insulation, you can get curtains with an interlining, too—a layer of flannel-like fabric sewn between the lining and the “face” fabric.


Consider the mood of the room. For a formal space, there’s heavy silk or velvet (a great insulator); both are dry-clean only. More practical options include silky rayon blends and cotton sateen. For a casual feel, there are billowy linen and crinkly crushed velvet. Cotton and cotton blends work with any type of decor and bring a crisp, neat feel, as does wool or wool blends.


You’ll need to decide if you want the curtains to blend with the decor or to pop. For blending, pick curtains that are the same tone as the wall but a few shades darker, or choose a non-dominant subtle colour in the room (a soft shade from the rug, say). A bold colour will work like an exclamation point (if you’re looking to add some wow).

Prints and Patterns

A rule of thumb: If you have patterned furniture or bedding (or a very elaborate rug), stick with solid curtains. If you have solid-colour furniture or bedding, consider patterned curtains. For a subtle hit of style and energy, go for a small, neutral print, like dots or paisley, which reads like texture from afar. A large, graphic print in a colour that relates to the existing decor is daring but can be spectacular.

How Long Should Curtains Be?

  • Just Hitting the Floor or Sill:
    This look is classic and tailored; it makes sense if you’ll be opening and closing the curtains a lot (they’ll easily fall back into place every time you move them). The fabric should just touch the floor or hover half an inch above. This is also a great approach for café curtains (short panels that cover only the lower portion of a window and hit the sill), which work well in spots like the kitchen and bathroom, where long drapes aren’t practical.
  • Breaking Slightly at the Floor:
    Panels that extend onto the floor by one to three inches are the most stylish. They’re more relaxed than those that graze the floor, but they still feel tailored—think of a pair of dress trousers. If you have uneven floors or are worried about precision measuring, this style is more forgiving. In formal rooms, an exaggerated take—six or so inches of fabric pooling on the floor—can look great!

My experience, expertise and efficient approach ensures a professional service.

Interior Design for Cork City and County

Looking for an interior designer in Cork City or Cork County? Hannah Lordan is offering interior design consultancy on colour choices, space planning, mood boards, sample boards, paint & wall finishes, floor coverings, curtains for window dressing, lighting design, furniture choice and budget planning for private homes, show homes, offices, pubs and bars, restaurants, hotels and B&Bs, retail shops, exhibitions and for events.

Hannah Lordan

Hannah Lordan Interior Designer, Cork, Ireland

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